Client's personal experiences:

My experiences with Alisha Arneth  as a client of Reflexology-

I have known Alisha for many years and have watched her mature into an amazing human being and practitioner of reflexology among many other  skills.  She has demonstrated the skills and passion required to master this form of therapeutic work and has continued to increase her knowledge by her practice and educational requirements to add to the quality of her work. Alisha's treatments are thorough and she is especially mindful of any areas of injury or  special needs.  She communicates her observations during a treatment and allows for good client understanding of what she feels and observes.  I feel this is so important for the client and overall effect of the treatment.  Alisha would make a wonderful addition to any practice looking to expand their business and quality of work.

Sincerely, Karen Faye Mason Grateful client 

"Wow! Thank you Alisha! You are a highly intuitive and delightfully effective practitioner. I was amazed at my reflexology experience. While you were working on my hands and feet I was able to feel energy movement throughout my entire body. Previously I understood the concept of Reflexology as a full body treatment, but I had never experienced it so fully until my first treatment with you."  -J. C.



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