An Artistic and Holistic view of Alisha Arneth.

Giving ourselves the time and space to take care of ourselves and create is important and necessary. For me writing and painting are therapeutic and natural creative outlets. I can express inner feelings, thoughts, insights or just abstract streams of consciousness, that I believe to be related to the subconscious and most inner and intuitive realms. Therefore the psyche and the soul are participating in expression and refection, which contributes to what is called holistic health.

Holistic Health is a basic awareness that there is a connection between mind, body and soul, focusing on Nature and Energy as the source we are all very much a part of. The sessions I give, in Reflexology and Aromatherapy, help to deepen this connection and relationship with ourselves, thus giving us tools to strengthen our overall health and harmony. While Reflexology works on pressure points that are found in the feet, which energetically correspond to certain organs and areas of the body, it has a holistic approach incorporating mind and soul as well. Therefore Reflexology is an excellent tool for keeping the body balanced while going through the daily stresses of life. It is a tool for self reflection as well, as the way we walk through life is marked on the feet and those marks tell many tales of their journey. Aromatherapy incorporates mind and body through the essential oils of the plant, flower, root or resin. These oils have many therapeutic qualities on a large spectrum. Aromatherapy can be used in many ways. In my clinic it is used through foot and hand Reflexology, an oil burner and basic massage as needed. 

For me it is just as much a part of my Holistic Health when I create and become inspired. Expression comes out in many creative forms. Painting and writing, along with a connection to Nature and Spirit is one of those places I can re-balance.

                     Love Dimensions. Acrylic on Canvas.


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