Reflexology is an ancient healing modality discovered in Egypt and by the Native Americans. This very relaxing therapy consists of a hands-on activation of pressure points found in the feet and hands. These pressure points correspond directly to all different areas of the body. By working on these points we are able to release toxins and blockages of a physical, mental or emotional nature and allow for balance and restoration of energy flow to enhance the body and mind's well-being.

Reflexology sessions not only allow the client to release stress and fully relax, but also clear any energetic blockages that may build up through physical or emotional/mental imbalances.  Reflexology is a wonderful complimentary therapy that helps reach optimal health on a holistic level. The result is a more balanced individual with a clear mind and healthy body.

I received my first year certification in Reflexology at Meirav College in  Be'er Sheva, Israel in 2006. I completed my second year of advanced Reflexology certification at the Holistic College in Karkur, Israel in 2011. In 2013 I received certification for courses in Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Bach flowers and Adamantine Therapy.

There and over the years I have also learned various holistic approaches such as Shiatzu and the significance of the elements in the mind, body and emotional state.

Left Foot Reflexology Chart:

Hand Reflexology Chart: 


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