My artistic life began when I was a child in NJ. As Many children I enjoyed creatively drawing and exploring. I began to be especially into sketching by photo, things I liked, characters I admired...

I moved to Israel at the age of 10 and in High School took 3 years of art. There I learned various forms of art including wood crafting, sculpting, figure drawing, charcoals, pastels and painting. After high school and moved back to the United States.

My true inspiration came in full force after High School while traveling. Outside the classroom I found my own style, which has little to do with rules or technique- at least that I'm aware of!

I continue to do art to this day without any particular technique or method. My art is the expression of dimensions my mind cannot fathom, yet my intuition guides. It is a truly deep expressive outlet for my heart and connection with the divine. I prefer not to take too much credit for my art, rather feel blessed I can be a part of the creation. I am mostly detached from my art and try not to be too concerned about the end result, rather committed to the process. 

I use mostly acrylics and oils on canvas. My art consists of organic and celestial symbols that delve into the abstract and surreal.

I have displayed my work in Europe, the Middle East and across the U.S.A, primarily on the Jersey shore and in Durham, NC.

I currently live in Durham, NC.






                                                                            Colorful Dimensions. Acrylic on canvas. 24x24

                                                                        The Eye and the Heron. Acrylic on canvas. 14x18

                                                                              Durham Night. Acrylic on Canvas. 8x12

Blue Sun. Acrylic on Wood. 14x14

                                                                          Cosmic Tree. Acrylic on Wood. 36x16 SOLD

                                                                          Sun and Sea. Acrylic on Masonite. 24x36

                                                                          Mallow Flowers. Oil on Canvas. 24x18

Gilboa. Acrylic on Canvas. 18X24

Crescent Moon. Acrylic on Canvas. 18X24 

Thorns. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24 

Hurricane. 24X36. Acrylic on Canvas 

Sunshine. Acrylic on Canvas 

Cyclamen. Acrylic on Canvas. 14x10 

Circling. Acrylic on Canvas.  10x14

Arava Desert. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24 

Contemplation. Acrylic on Wood. 10x10 

 Love is a Bird. Acrylic on Wood. 10x10

 Winter on the Kibbutz. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x18

            Passion. Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20

 Celestial Feminine. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x20

                                                                                                                        View from Agistri. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x20 

                                                                           Anafi, Greece Acrylic on Canvas, 10x10

 Eri. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16. Not for Sale

                                                                          Drifting Away. Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20

                                                                                                                                                  Geranium Leaf. Acrylic on Canvas. SOLD

                                                             Rosy's Little Village. Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20. SOLD

 Yellow Kibbutz. Acrylic on Canvas. 15x15

                                                                     Face Hidden. Acrylic on Canvas. 15x15 

                                                                                                                                  Moving On. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16 SOLD

                                                                       Cosmic Sound. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16

                                Corn Stalks. Oil on Canvas. 18x24                                                

  Still Summer. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x18 SOLD

                                                                   Celebration. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24 

                                                                                                 Transformation. Oil on Canvas. 18x24

                                                                   Chakra heron. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x18 SOLD

 Life Force. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16

                                                                         Observer. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16

                                                                                                                      The Mountain Man. Oil on Canvas. 18x24 SOLD
                                                                Partner Paintings. Oil on Canvas.  24x18 each.
                                                                             Horizon. Oil on Canvas. 16x20 SOLD
 Emergence. Acrylic on Masonite. 23x23. SOLD
                                                                  Disseminating Phase. Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20 SOLD
                                                                                                                                         Raw Reflection. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16

                                                                             Neem Tree. Oil on Canvas. 18x14 

The Opening. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x18

                                                                Moon Creation. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24 SOLD

                                                                                                                                          Wisteria. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16 SOLD

                                                                        Winter cup. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16 SOLD

         Cone Flowers. Oil on Canvas. 24x18  SOLD

                                                                                                                                Nature's Secrets. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16 SOLD

                                                                 Gibbous Phase. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x24 SOLD

     Love Dimensions. Acrylic on Canvas. 20x16 

                                                                         Green. Acrylic on Canvas. 16x20. SOLD 

                                                                                                                                Eyes to the Soul. Acrylic on Masonite. 22x25


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